"Don't hide your green hair,
they can see it anyway."

Morris to his grandson Harvey, as remembered by Stuart Milk

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Harvey Milk Day 2017 !

We had a great time celebrating Harvey Milk Day 2017 in Charlotte with four readings of the tribute play "Dear Harvey" on May 22 and 24.
Stories of Harvey Milk – the people he knew, the lives he changed. | By Patricia Loughrey | Music by Thomas Hodges
Intimate, surprising stories based on interviews with Harvey's nephew Stuart Milk, campaign manager Anne Kronenberg, AIDS Quilt founder Cleve Jones and other activists. This spirited tribute reaffirms his impact and the continued relevance of his campaign towards equality, almost four decades after his assassination. Harvey Milk would have been 87 in 2017.

Please see the Dear Harvey Archive Page for more information.

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Any donations will be used for Green Hair Creative projects (for royalties, marketing and printing costs, space rental, etc.) Donations are tax-deductible thru fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas. Harvey Milk was famous for standing on a soapbox and delivering his message through a bullhorn; he owned a camera store; and he would say "I am all of us" to convey his vision of equality. Support Green Hair Creative's work with a gift of $87 (I am a Bullhorn), $57 (I am a Camera), or $27 (I am All of Us).


Harvey Milk Foundation
Patricia Loughrey, Playwright
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